Penis Envy

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Study culture / Syringe 10ml

Penis Envy mushrooms were encountered by Terence McKenna in the Amazon

John Allen proposed that that the original Penis Envy mushroom may have been found in the Amazon by Terrence and Dennis McKenna in the early 70’s. Hamilton Morris also stated that the original specimen “was taller and thicker than anything found in American soils.” and “A monstrous Amazonian mushroom growing on the dung of local Zebu cattle”.

Penis Envy mushroom strain is generally penis shaped and produces stronger effects then the average Cubensis mushroom.


  • Colonization: Very Fast
  • Harvest: Very Big
  • Resistance: Big
  • Strength: Strong
  • Incubation: 21-24 oC
  • Fruiting: 24-25oC
  • Experience: Beginner

8 reviews for Penis Envy

  1. Lydia Luke

    The name alone drew me in. Lots of potential with this one!

  2. Gilbert McCann

    They really do look like their name

  3. Alex Wilmoth

    Lots of hesitancy at first as these are known for being nearly impossible to package into a syringe. Fungushead got it though, very impressed

  4. Carolyn Parsons

    I received the order right on time. I have just innoculated the spores and now the wait.

  5. Donald Bryant

    Few months into my research with these. Quite the specimens

  6. Ruby Reyes

    They really do look like their name

  7. Yvonne Hodges

    I became interested in these originally for their unique color. Was pleasantly surprised by the results

  8. Kristi Fritz

    I was intrigued by the name of this strain and decided to give it a try for my research. I was not disappointed

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