Malabar Coast

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Study culture / Syringe 10ml

Straight from Malabar Coast in India

The Malabar Coast Mushroom strain is prolific for it’s ability to produce massive fruits. The strain originates from the southwestern Malabar Coast of India, which is how the strain acquired its name. Malabar Coast is a balanced, middle of the pack kind of strain when it comes to potency. The effects can include euphoria, uncontrollable laughter, vivid and vibrant colors, and with a high enough dose some may experience visual hallucinations.

3 reviews for Malabar Coast

  1. Lucille Duclos

    Great company and service, malabar highly recommended and easy/fast

  2. Roxanna Kroll

    Excellent service and fast professional service

  3. Darrell Mayo

    Really good so far. Fully colonised the grow bag in 2 weeks.

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