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Liquid study culture / Syringe 10ml

It tends to obtain larger than average yields

Under the microscope, this strain is very similar to P. cubensis, but has some features reminiscent of P. Azurescens. It is a unique B+  and works great in rooms, making it a popular strain for hobbyists. It tends to obtain larger than average yields. We have heard so many good reports from breeders in Amsterdam who just love this mushroom and how easy it grows, and how beautiful it is, it is loved by many. It has a very wide range of temperatures in which it colonizes. However, we recommend a minimum temperature of 19 ° C.

Colonization Very Fast

Harvest: Very Big

Resistance: Big

Strength: Strong

Incubation: 21-24 oC

Fruiting: 19-24 oC

Experience: Begginer

6 reviews for B+

  1. Patrick Ibanez

    These spores are my second order from Spore Works. Great service both times. There are real humans you can trust running this small business. Just contact them if you have any problems with your order. Spores arrive in a sealed foil pouch. Sterile needle included in pouch. The ordering payment system might feel a little ‘dodgy’, but there is absolutely nothing to worry about. It’s not their fault payment system companies don’t like mycology 🤣

  2. Helen Gill

    Fast delivery, high quality and hygienically handled. Excellent!!

  3. Arthur Clay

    Great supplier. Always delivers in good time. Have recommended this site to friends. 🍄👍

  4. Lisa Gonzalez

    Fast delivery from payment (just like my first order), and colonising quickly. Very happy!

  5. Rodney Moreno

    Well packaged rearing to go

  6. Dana Ball


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