Avery Albino

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Introduce yourself to the rare and unique Avery Albino mushrooms. This one-of-a-kind strain is known for its striking albino appearance and potent effects. The Avery Albino strain is known to produce a higher concentration of psychoactive compounds, making for a truly transcendent experience. This strain of mushrooms has a unique look and taste, and is a favorite among experienced psychonauts. Its cultivation process is relatively easy, making it perfect for both experienced and new growers. Elevate your journey and try the rare and exceptional Avery Albino mushrooms. Avery Albino is a true albino strain coming from the Cambodian strain. The bright white color comes from a lack of pigmentation as a result of the mushroom’s distinct ghostly white coloration.

3 reviews for Avery Albino

  1. Frank Hendrickson

    Great for first project, very easy to grow with provided instructions

  2. Elizabeth J. Carter

    Good service, good quality.

  3. Jose Britt

    Great product and worked a treat. Top class customer service

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