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Liquid study culture / Syringe 10ml

Ghost mushrooms looks like cartoon ghost

The Ghost strain, also known as the Ghost True Albino Golden Teacher strain, is a type of psilocybin cubensis mushroom. The Ghost strain is extremely rare in the mycology research community but is also becoming more popular. Known for being particularly beautiful, the Ghost strain is a treat to study under a microscope, as the spores of this strain are completely clear.

The history of Ghost mushrooms began in the last decade, when Jik Fibs found a few albino golden teachers in a flush and decided to isolate and stabilize these into what is now known as True Albino Teacher. Ghost was a mutation found when stabilizing these and was then isolated and stabilized to its own variety.

The Ghost strain looks notably similar to the Penis Envy strain. The Ghost strain boasts very thick and wide stems that are a pure, bright white color. The caps of this strain are notably smaller and flatter than other strains and have a light beige, nearly white, hue. The Ghost strain is unique in that the caps of this mushroom have wavy skirts that resembled bottlecaps. Ghost magic mushroom spores are also very translucent, which makes them a real treat to study under a microscope. This strain also bruises a metallic blue-grey when touched.

The Ghost strain is known for being particularly potent, not unlike the Golden Teacher strain.

Kit Includes: One 10ml luer lock spore syringe containing sterile water and Ghost magic mushroom spores. This kit also includes an 18 gauge by 1.5-inch needle that can be twisted onto the luer lock syringe.

All magic mushroom spores for sale by are for research use. It is not legal to cultivate or consume psilocybin mushroom spores in the United States for recreational drug use.

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  1. Monica Jones

    Very viable spores, excellent sterile transportation, I am impressed with the quality of the product.

  2. Arturo Beal

    All good, very clean spores and ready to fruit sooner than expected.
    Excellent service- top marks all round 🙂

  3. Irene McCoy

    Excellent service, really fast and professional service

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